we help workplace teams collaborate securely.


Our mission is to give organizations a secure and trusted alternative to conventional workplace communication platforms. We are fully committed to developing the most secure communication app to help teams stay connected, securely.


Our vision is a world where people can work securely, anytime and anywhere. As the way we work evolves and our reliance on communication technology increases, Mode is committed to helping organizations protect their data today and in the future.


In our core values, curiosity drives us to explore the unknown, resilience pushes us relentlessly, courage allows us to embrace challenges, impact motivates us to make a meaningful difference, and connection fosters our collaborative spirit for achieving greatness together.

Our team of 30+ talented individuals bring extensive security and software development experience to Mode. Embracing a fully remote and hybrid work model, we offer our global team the freedom to work from anywhere, empowering us to continually enhance the secure communication experience for our valued customers. In many ways, we still build Mode for teams just like ours.

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