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Communicate confidently during cyberattacks

Quickly deploy a secure and compliant communication app to your cyber incident response team during incidents.


why communication channels fail during a cyber crisis

Loss of availability

IT disruptions can result in the temporary loss of your primary communication channels.

compromised network

A network breach can erode trust in channels like email, Teams, or Slack managed within your network.

compromised identity

If user identity is compromised, so are your channels that share the compromised identity.

lack of data security

Without appropriate security on key communication tools, successful attackers could monitor response efforts.

Why Mode

A communication platform built for cyber incident response.

with mode

Keep IR teams collaborating securely during cyber incidents.

Protect your response team's communications from attackers using the latest advancements in data security for messaging, voice & video calling, and file sharing.

Messaging & File sharing

Voice & Video Calling

screen sharing

voice notes

with mode

Instantly deploy trusted communication channels.

Quickly restore team communication when your primary IT environment is compromised with seamless user activation from your admin portal.

with mode

Easily maintain compliance for IR communications.

Back up chats, capture video calls, and enforce security policies to ensure compliant out-of-band communication during incidents.

with mode

Be enterprise ready for incident response communication.

In contrast to consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Signal, the Mode Portal empowers you to oversee user access, establish security policies, and address compliance requirements.


it's time to revisit your back-up communication plan.

Keep communication out-of-band.

Isolate your communication to Mode's trusted and accessible environment.

Alert teams of new incidents.

Notify teams of new incidents inside and outside of Mode.

Store & share IR plan documents.

Keep IR documents ready for sharing to stakeholders.

Pre-configure chat & call groups.

Create groups in your portal to auto-populate in the Mode app.

Auto-populate contacts in the Mode app.

Team members don't need to share and add contacts to stay connected.

Lock content in the Mode apps.

Lock chats and files from being exported from your team Mode apps.

Restrict communication to approved contacts.

Reduce phishing by only enabling linked Mode apps to communicate.

Brand your workspace for added trust.

Upload your company logo and name to your team's Mode apps.



An image of a cybersecurity team struggling to manage a cyberattack.

Why team's choose Mode for secure communication.

Learn how Mode helps teams improve their information security with when it matters most.

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A person texting on a mobile device.

Mode vs. consumer encrypted communication apps.

Why choose Mode for IR team communication over apps like WhatsApp and Signal?

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Mode is now ISO 27001 certified.

Our ISO 27001 certification underscores our unwavering commitment to security for our customers and partners.

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Frequently asked questions

Here's what people want to know.

Can I invite external contacts?

Yes! From your Mode Portal, simply invite any contacts that are not members of your internal team to download and activate Mode.

Can I use mode for daily communication?

Yes! Security teams can choose to deploy Mode as a secure alternative to their primary communication channel as part of their licensing. It's an excellent way to proactively improve the security posture of the organization.

Does Mode integrate with my other tools?

Mode doesn't offer integrations to ensure the integrity of your isolated communication environment. However, we understand the importance of building customized solutions for our customers. We are happy to discuss your integration requirements to ensure Mode works for you the way you need it to.


Yes! Mode is available for desktop on Windows, Mac, Linux and for mobile on iOS and Android. You can connect your desktop app and mobile app for multi-device account access.

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