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team Communication. Secured.

Mode is a secure communication platform with post-quantum
encryption for messaging, video calling, and file sharing.

with Mode

security takes a quantum leap


Keep your chats, remote meetings, and files secure with end-to-end encryption.


Protect your data from future access enabled by quantum computers.


Safeguard your information stored in Mode with a local encrypted container.


Keep your team communication compliant to organizational data policies.

Why Mode

better. security.

secure communication channel

Keep teams connected wherever they work with the confidence of secure and private communication.

Messaging & File sharing

Voice & Video Calling

screen sharing

voice notes

advanced security

Improve the security of sensitive information when shared and when stored in Mode.

End-to-end encryption

post-quantum security

Encrypted data storage


Keep Mode compliant to organizational security and data policies.

Manage user licenses and roles

Configure global workspace settings

Set data retention policies

How it Works

invite your team. start in minutes.


Set-up your mode workspace

Create your Mode portal as an administrator.


Invite your team

Invite team members to download Mode and join your workspace.


Start communicating securely

Start messaging, video calling, and file sharing with your team securely.


Frequently asked questions

Here's what people are asking us about Mode.

What is post-quantum encryption?

Post-quantum encryption prevents quantum computers from being used to access your data. RSA and ECC are currently secure, but quantum computers using qubits could eventually break modern encryption, jeopardizing data security. Using complex mathematical equations, post-quantum encryption resists the power of quantum computers.

How long is my free trial?

Free trials are available for 90 days after your portal is activated.

how do i get more than 20 licenses?

Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. We can set you up for a larger team or schedule a personalized demo.

What encryption does Mode use?

Mode employs a multi-layered encryption scheme. It encrypts communication data with AES-GCM and strengthens it using an advanced implementation of elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman schemes with the CRYSTALS-Kyber post-quantum protocol. For further details on the security protocols,  you can request our whitepaper.

how many team members can I invite to trial?

You can invite up to 20 team members during your free trial.

Which operating systems is Mode available on?

Mode is currently available for desktop on Windows, Mac, Linux. Mode’s mobile apps will be released on iOS and Android. Multi-device functionality for your account will be available once the mobile apps are released.

Bring the future of security to your team communication.