Respond with confidence. Not chaos.

Keep your incident response team connected and organized even when primary channels are compromised with Mode's secure communication platform.

Mode settings component for locking communication content inside of the Mode apps.
A folder component in the Mode portal for storing incident response playbooks.
A screenshot of the Mode desktop app showcasing an incident response communication group.
A screenshot of Mode's secure group video calling feature with four incident response team members.
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Complete your incident response plan with secure out-of-band communication

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IR Command Portal

Control your IR communication environment to lead your response.

A screenshot of Mode's user table in the administration portal for incident response managers
A screenshot of a chat list in the Mode mobile application
An icon of a laptop and mobile device

Team Communication Apps

Coordinate response work with secure communication apps for your team.

An icon of a file

Store & Share IR Documents

Keep IR plans, playbooks, and contact lists isolated and readily available.

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Onboard Team Members in Minutes

Easily bring contacts into your IR communication environment to start response work.

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Retain Data for Compliance

Back-up communication logs for regulatory, legal, and insurance requirements.

Your fully isolated & end-to-end encrypted safe room

Unite cybersecurity experts, executives, legal teams, and all necessary stakeholders to effectively navigate major cyber incidents with security-first communication.

A screenshot of a mobile chat screen from the Mode app
A screenshot of a video conference between 6 participants discussing an cybersecurity incident
A component from the Mode application showing a shared document in a chat
A component from the Mode application where input your password to access the app
Messaging & Voice Notes
Voice & Video Calling
File Transfers

Ready to improve your incident response plan?

Reduce time to recovery with securely connected teams. Anywhere. Anytime.

IBM reports that advanced incident response programs can slash data breach costs by 34%. Level-up your IR program with Mode's secure communication platform.

Project Idea - Devtech X Webflow Template

1. Stay ready

Prepare an out-of-band IR environment as part of your incident response plan to quickly mobilize teams.

Development And Execution - Devtech X Webflow Template

2. Respond confidently

Quickly deploy secure communication channels to critical response team members, enabling fast and efficient coordination in complex situations.

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3. Recover faster

Maintain secure team connections through remediation until primary environments are fully restored.

What our great customers say about Mode

Helping teams communicate securely at the most critical times.

"We are an ISO 27001 certified company and take security seriously. The team prefer this to Slack!"

"A must-have app for privacy and secure communication. I absolutely love this app."

"It will take 1h to really configure it, but after that the policy is set for all clients. If you want a chat app with security this is it."

"I like the app and very secure. Features are amazing. I loved it 🤝"

"Easy set-up and our team was able to onboard very fast when we tested it."

"The portal is a game changer for me as an administrator. Much more control."

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