Jun 28, 2024

Why teams choose Mode for secure communication

Why teams choose Mode for secure communication

Why teams choose Mode for secure communication

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient team collaboration is crucial. Platforms that offer chat, voice, video calling, and file sharing are indispensable. However, many common tools fall short on the security needed for high-stakes scenarios. Increasingly, cybersecurity leaders are turning to secure, out-of-band communication tools like Mode to improve information security and ensure reliable communication when it matters most.

Mode for team-wide communication security

Team communication platforms now serve as essential channels and repositories for sensitive information. Mode is designed to provide your team with a robust solution that blends enterprise communication with top-tier security. Mode offers messaging, voice & video calling, screen sharing, and file sharing with post-quantum end-to-end encryption. You can easily connect with individual team members or group, in a secure and private environment.

Mode for critical projects & groups

Many common communication platforms lack the necessary security for high-stakes scenarios. Some critical projects demand a higher level of security for handling sensitive information.

  • Executive & Strategic Planning: High-level executives make decisions that could make or break a company. Mode allows them to collaborate seamlessly and securely, ensuring all necessary information is secured and consolidated in one place.
  • Research & Development: R&D teams handle sensitive data that must be kept secure. Mode provides a safe space for these teams to collaborate while reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • Legal & Compliance: Legal and compliance teams work with highly confidential information, requiring top-notch security in their communication channels. Mode offers end-to-end encryption and strict access controls.
  • Merger & Acquisition: M&A deals involve sensitive information such as financial data and company strategies. Mode provides a secure platform for internal and external stakeholders to communicate during these critical processes.
  • Operating in Destabilized Regions: Teams in unstable or politically volatile regions need advanced security features and encrypted communication channels to protect the data on their devices. Mode ensures sensitive information remains protected in these challenging environments.

Where could you benefit from better communication security and confidentiality?

Mode for back-up communication during cyber crisis

In a cyber crisis, communication continuity is crucial for organizational leaders. Major incidents often compromise primary communication channels, hindering coordination among incident response teams and business leaders. Mode serves as a secure, end-to-end encrypted backup channel, enabling teams to maintain compliant communication and access critical incident response (IR) documentation. This continuity is essential for reducing downtime and speeding up remediation efforts during a cyber incident.

Mode for keeping client communication private

Sensitive information exchanges aren't limited to internal channels. Instant messaging and video calling apps have become vital in business communication, significantly boosting productivity and efficiency. However, these tools are also prime targets for cyber attackers.

To safeguard communications both internally and externally, businesses must adopt a proactive approach to securing sensitive client information. A breach of client data can severely undermine the trust between an organization and its clients. By using Mode, companies can uphold client trust, confident that their sensitive information is secure.

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