everything your team shares.

From hello to high risk. Keep your team communications protected from information breaches.

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uncompromising collaboration.


one app, all channels

Combine team chats, remote meetings, and file transfers into one secure app.

end-to-end encrypted

Post-quantum end-to-end encryption keeps everything shared in Mode private to your team.

enterprise control

Manage users, set IT policies, and visualize your Mode workspace from your dashboard.

proactive security

reduce cybersecurity incidents before they happen.

Enable team collaboration and productivity, but don't compromise on security. When teams can communicate securely, wherever and whenever, organizations go from risk to reward.

reduce phishing & spoofing attacks

disrupt corporate espionage

Protect against harvest & decrypt

Safeguard against brute-force attacks

enterprise control

encrypted communication app for the workplace.

Avoid security, compliance, and operational risk from shadow IT like consumer-grade encrypted messaging apps. With the Mode administration portal you can improve secure communication compliance within your organization.

user access and permissions

data retention control

auto-populate contact lists

broadcast messages

critical communication

communication security for critical groups.

Some projects require a more secure, out-of-band communication channel. When critical teams are discussing M&A deals, resource planning R&D projects, or legal proceedings - focus on your most critical work, not on responding to leaked information.


more than just encryption.

Message lifespan

Control the lifespan and use of your messages and files after sending.

content lock

Lock messages and files from being exported out of Mode.

Redact & revise

Edit or delete your previously sent messages in a chat.

Group chat lifespan

Set groups to expire after a predetermined period of time.

MODE contact id

No shared contact identifiers like phone numbers or email addresses.

external connection

Enable or disable connections with external Mode users.

Data retention

Disable your team's ability to delete chat history, set message lifespans, or revise messages.

private workspace

Send yourself secure notes within Mode.

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Communicating securely

Start communicating securely.

advanced security

go beyond conventional security


Frequently asked questions

Here's what people often want to know.


Post-quantum encryption prevents quantum computers from being used to access your data. RSA and ECC are currently secure, but quantum computers using qubits could eventually break modern encryption, jeopardizing data security. Using complex mathematical equations, post-quantum encryption resists the power of quantum computers.


Organizations prefer Mode over consumer end-to-end encrypted communication apps for several reasons. The Mode portal allows quick onboarding of team members, control over workspace access, and the ability to set global IT policy settings. Additionally, Mode provides enhanced security features and avoids using shared identifiers like phone numbers for contact creation.


For end-to-end encryption, Mode employs a multi-layered encryption scheme. It encrypts communication data with AES-GCM and strengthens it using an advanced implementation of elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman with the CRYSTALS-Kyber post-quantum protocol. For further details on the security protocols,  you can request our whitepaper.

is mode available on desktop and mobile?

Yes! Mode is available for desktop on Windows, Mac, Linux and for mobile on iOS and Android. You can connect your desktop app and mobile app for multi-device account access.

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